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Best Time Of Day To Hunt Deer [All You Need to Know]

Hunting deer can be enthralling, but at the same time quite excruciating. This is because many people rise early in the morning and head out straight in the fields to presumably make their deer kill, or possibly go on with it their best way of understanding. It's worth noting that most people thus do not know what the best time of day to hunt deer is.

A Guide to Best Time Of Day To Hunt Deer

When trying to understand The Best Time Of Day To Hunt Deer, it calls for a more in-depth look into a deer's behavior. You'll need to understand and learn on trends such as;

  • What time do deer come out in the morning
  • What time of the day are deer most active
  • Why deer lay down in the grass after feeding
  • when do deer come out during the day
  • what time do deer come out in the afternoon

These among other related key indicators of deer behavior offer the best guide in determining the Best Time Of Day To Hunt Deer.

Deer Daily Routine

The daily deer routine knowledge is one of the first ways to go when embarking on a deer hunt. It provides you with an ideal insight into the best deer hunting season in the deer's behavior, and what factors influence their daily routine.

Knowing their food sources is also a good head start as most of their movement is centered around finding better major feeding times for deer grounds that can sustain them well. To understand more about daily deer routine, here are a few insights;

  • Deer begin their regular daily routine a few hours before dark, and
  • in the early evening hours, respective to which part of the world you are.
  • Getting food is always their priority when they start their day; hence they are not still cautious until they start feeding. Deer are sometimes considered as nocturnal animals, albeit with no better night vision capabilities.
  • They graze around all night, staying alert to any danger until sunrise when they begin heading back to their resting spots.

The above insights into a deer's daily routine help us make the best time to hunt deer.

Key Determinants to Feasible Deer Hunting Time

There are viable hunting times created from daily deer routines, which help determine where and when to find deer. However, a more feasible hunting time can also be established out of an expanded look at other factors such as;

  • The day's temperatures,
  • Food source location,
  • Minor weather events such as storms

These and many other variables tell when is the when is deer hunting season.

What Determines deer movement times

Deer movement today usually happens at odd times, driven by several factors. However, these factors render it a difficult time to hunt deer, as opposed to it offering an advantage to hunters. Here are some of these factors.


Weather will always be a significant determinant in the movement patterns of deer. Hot weather prevents them from moving, or in other cases, drives them to a better-sheltered area. Snow and heavy rains make them bedded in one place for a longer time, limiting their movements.

Best Time Of Day To Hunt Deer

The moon

With the belief that deer are more inclined to feeding during the night, the full moon's size thus drives them to food. This means they are actively moving around when the best time to hunt deer moon phase is in its completion phase, providing them with more light.


This is also a major highlight in deer movement patterns. Cold fronts drive deer out of their rest early and keep them in the fields for longer times.


Deer minds about their safety so much. Any sign of pressure or human activity in their habitat will cause them to move away. They run out of fear either stealthily or with a sudden bolt.

best time to hunt deer

What Time of the Day Should I go Hunting for Deer?

With full knowledge of daily deer routine, behavior pattern, and movement patterns, you should be well guided on the best time to hunt deer. Determining the exact times is a little harder, given a variety of variables that exist. However, if you stick to the times I've outlined below, you will most likely make a kill.


This is a productive time, preceding nights of bright moonlight and clear skies. The temperatures are getting warm; hence deer is wearier, making them a bit of an easy target.


This is the time around 11.00 AM. It is often ignored as a convenient time for hunting deer, but on the contrary, it offers more chances to try a shot than thought. Some deer are still returning to bedding, often following cold nights or the warmest mornings; hence you need to stay alert and try your shot. You can use a rifle scope for perfect shot.


Deer are always bedded at this time up until dusk. This is your best shot, and regardless of the weather, you'll surely find a buck to take home. And here’s a good post If you’re interested in how to stalk deer in proper way.


These are usually times before sunset, that are affected by weather changes and temperature swings. Deer are driven out earlier by this, though they may not head straight to feeding. Staying a little more active will help you make a kill since deer tend to remain long in the woods before making their next move.

Can I Hunt Deer at Night?

Yes, deer hunting at night is very much possible. At this time, the deer are mostly grazing together with less or little movement. But unlike you, who is primarily relying on the sense of sight, deer have a sense of smell that puts them at a higher advantage. 

On top of that, night hunting is illegal in most countries worldwide; hence it's better to be aware of what the law tells before you go for that night hunt. This hunting rules and regulation for different states post has some additional tips for hunters.

Morning Deer Hunt Vs. Evening Deer Hunt

Deer are mostly moving at these times. In the morning, they head back to be bedded, and in the evening, they are going out to get their daily meal. Your preference should guide you on what time is best. However, early afternoon when they are bedded remains my ideal time.


The truth about deer hunting is that it is not as easy as probably thought. Research has established that deer are the most attentive animals, gifted with a strong sense of smell. They can smell you out from miles away before they bolt and never be back in those grazing fields again. This is pretty discouraging, especially if you've gone for an easy kill.

Having a comfortable deer hunt will require you to equip yourself with better tracking skills that entail; tracking deer movements and identifying areas they most likely take their routine rests. Another thing to note is that persistence and vigilance are always crucial when you're out on a hunt.

However, the best part about deer hunting is that you don’t require an assortment of weapons, a bow, and an arrow are enough to strike down a big buck. Just ensure you always don’t miss your target.

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