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Best Carbon Express Crossbow Reviews And Guide Of 2021

The crossbows are an integral part of adding new dimensions and challenges to the hunting exercise. With hunters now taking up the challenge to use crossbows as it makes hunting not only easier but fun as well. The carbon express crossbow reviews are all over the internet as hunters are looking to get the right crossbows for their hunting exploits.

Therefore hunters are looking for a dependent design and equipment productivity before they make a decision to buy. For newbies, you are required to have researched to have the right product on hand. This article will explain to beats the reviews for the crossbow.

Product Description

The crossbow delivers top of line a speed of 405 fps with its kinetic energy being at 140 foots-pounds with which you can be sure that it will penetrate to the target. Its draw weight is of the outstanding value of 210lbs.

While it is cocked wide its length is 14" while an uncocked length is at 18" with an overall weight of 7.5 lbs. The functioning eyepiece is of an average 4 x 32 multi cross-hair. It has an adjustable fore-end grip with a rear adjustable stock and ambidextrous safety.

Besides the above, it comes with an anti-dry fire inhibitor technology and a dual string suppressor system. Its scope mount rail is of Picatinny style. It's created for strong and experienced hunters therefore you can be sure of excellent performance.

Product details

  • Color: Camo
  • Date first available: December 2019
  • Manufacturer: Bear X
  • ASIN: B082LH8XG9
  • Bestsellers Rank: #21542 in Sports & Outdoors. #8 in Archery crossbows and #33 in archery bows.

What is included in the package? 

  • Optics: 4 x 32 multi crosshair reticle with an eyepiece.
  • Cocking device: Cocking rope.
  • Quiver: 4-bolt quiver.
  • Arrows: Three carbon bots with field points.
  • Noise dampening: Dual string suppressor system.
  • Sling: Available.
  • Other: Picatinny style scope mount rail.
  • Other: String lube.

Key features

  • The dual string suppressor ensures the operation is silently executed.
  • The quiver holds the four arrows and it’s easily accessible.
  • The anti-dry fire technology helps to avoid accidents on the line of duty.
  • The AR-type is easily customizable to create a comfortable setup
  • The rail system has been modernized to offer support for the required accessory mounting.
  • The bolts released with the crossbow are very accurate and swift.
  • The 3 x 32 scope helps to enhance accuracy and ease in aiming the target

Quality and Durability

Its price meets and even surpasses the expectations of the hunters. The manufacturer has explained on several forums that the crossbow is aimed at hunters who are budget conscious. Therefore its accessories once broken they can be found easily. 

Although it may not be as durable as the expensive one of two thousand dollars, it is still a choice that you can trust. Furthermore, durability depends on how the hunter is handling the equipment. A rough hunter will find it hard to use it for a longer period than a careful hunter.


From the specifications above, it is bigger than most of its peers. With its total length of 37.5 definitely, the persons who will enjoy are the taller. On the other hand, its width both when cocked and uncocked gives you a picture of a slimmer model. Its slender and compact size is ideal for camping and hiking.

The crossbow which comes with the 5-arrow quiver makes it easier for the user to choose a position that they are comfortable with thanks to its 360-degree pivot. The design both the left-handers and right-handers use it by choosing the quiver position that they are.

BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package with Scope, Quiver, Bolts, Cocking Rope, and Wax


The FPS stated by a crossbow could be inflated sometimes. With this crossbow, the 405 FPS speed is accurate and if you want a different speed, you may need to update it. The adjustable fore-end grip with the rear stock ensures that the hunter is in control as you aim and shoot as well.

Importantly, various aspects contribute to its accuracy. The killer of the all is of its strong combination of reliable power stroke, draw weight and kinetic energy will give the best results. Lastly, on the accuracy, the 4 x 32 scope enhances its accuracy while it makes it easy to aim the target.

Assembly and ease of use

This is the easiest to put together. The only way to cock is by using the rope provided as there is no option of using a crack. The challenge with this model is that even strong persons will find it hard to cock it. Hunters with weak or small bodies need to look for other options.

If you have some experience with a crossbow, assembling should not be a problem. For the newbies, the design is neither hard if you follow the manual. The oversized trigger guard is an enabler that will ease the operation even as you put on the gloves. Finally, the scope allows one to do intensity adjustments while simplifying the whole operation even on the foregrip.

Noise and vibration

The trick to successful hunting is ensuring that the game is caught unawares. Therefore silent exploits are very crucial. You might be using a crossbow with very superior speed but if it is noisy, the game might move thereby ruining the hunting exploits.

As the camo helps you to be hidden from view, the dual string suppressor ensures that the thee strings won't vibrate and make a lot of noise when you fire. Such features are available on the expensive brows. You can now trust the Bear X Intense ready to shoot crossbow to serve you well.

Speed and performance

By delivering 405 fps, the unit is fast to cater to your hunting needs in any situation. On performance, its compact size delivers an awesome high power performance that you cannot avoid.  With this performance and speed, the sky will just be the limit.

Its draw weight of 210 pounds with a power stroke of 20 inches is a sure bet that the bolts will not only follow a reasonable flat trajectory but also fly for longer distances. Therefore you can hit your target with easiness.


The manufacturer ensures the safety of the hunter or third party is well taken care of.  The anti-drying fire mechanism and ambidextrous safety are crucial in preventing accidental discharge. The guard rail ensures there is the flexibility that will protect the thumb and finger.


The carbon express is known for its various accessories. It means that you can upgrade your crossbow anytime there is a new technology that you think best suits your equipment.  Some of the most common accessories that are readily available are listed below.

1. The carbon express bolts. 

They are the finest bolts in the game.  The arrows are made by carbon express range in 20" and 22" lengths. The maxima series and the mayhem series are the best in the market and inexpensive als

2. Carbon express cases and slings 

There are two main models of cases, the CX slimline and the CX Padded case. These cases can fit in any carbon express arrows. The cases come with quiver and arrow pockets. For the Slimline case, it comes with 9 additional internal and external pockets. The slings as well are easily added to the crossbow.

Carbon expresses cocking devices. 

The rope cocking device is a great addition as they make cocking easier and safer. It promotes consistency while shooting. The carbon Express manufacturers both dot scope and optical scopes. Some of these scopes tend to be difficult to sight but the 4 x 32 Crossbow is the best in the market. And here is a good post to spotting scope for accurate target.

What I like most:

  • Its triple combination of draw weight, kinetic energy, and superior power stroke will give you the desired accuracy.
  • It is a fast crossbow of 405 fps in comparison with its size and weight.
  • An anti-dry fire mechanism is a safe option for hunters.
  • It comes with a ready to shot package with all the needed equipment.
  • The availability of the accessories and at a cheaper price makes it easier for the hunter not to worry even if some get broken and lost.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • It cannot be used by novice hunters. It is recommended only for experienced hunters.
  • Cocking it can be frustrating and the crank does not make the operation any easier.


In summary, Bear X is an excellent choice for hunters who are on a budget but have some experience in hunting. Its superior performance from the highlights is not a pushover. Though it is best used by strong people, shows that it is a heavy machine that will not disappoint when put into the task.

Its superior speed is a guarantee that you will get the desired results as long as you are capable of handling it well. You can now order one for yourself on Amazon and get your escapades started. Be sure to share your experience once you hit the road.

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