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Best CenterPoint Crossbow Reviews And Guide Of 2021

There is a horde of crossbows that you can use but there are the best of them. Over the internet, there are a lot of recommendations for buyers with false reviews all over. Ever come across the crossbow by the name CenterPoint?

Either seen it with a hunter or at a store? We are going to review the CenterPoint Crossbow Reviews and ensure that we do not leave any stone unturned. At the end of the article, you will have learned and understood about this important accessory of hunting. Take a closer look at it.

CenterPoint Crossbow Reviews

The CenterPoint Archery has taken a lot of effort into an excellent design and performance after it introduced the innovative CP400 Crossbow into the market. It uses the licensed Heli Coil technology and a custom-designed riser to create an adjustable stock and cam system. To add butter to bread, it offers cutting-edge technology in one package.

The CP400's design is narrow axle to axle width which is 6-inches. When it is drawn fully it goes for a speed of 400 fps generating a knock-out punch of 142fpe. This classic design delivers amazing power while down ranging accuracy.

Is lightweight and compactness put it at an advantageous position of easiness to carry it around without being fatigued.  Another key feature is the anti-dry fire and auto safety which is unique purposing to fold bipod. This crossbow will surpass your expectation by far on a 3D range and in the field coming with a warranty of five years.

Product details

  • Product Dimensions: 36 X 15 8.5 inches; 14.3 Pounds.
  • Item model number: AXCV200TPK.
  • Date first made available: July 2019.
  • Manufacturer: Crosman Corporation.
  • ASIN: B07VKHV79F.
  • Best Sellers Rank:# 52,999 in Sports & Outdoors, #23 in Archery Crossbows #81     in Archery Bows.
  • A detailed review of Product Description.


Crossbow shoot arrows have an incredible velocity of 400 fps with dealing of about 142 FPKE. Since the kinetic energy needed on average to bring down a large animal is 75FPKE you can be assured that you will have your favorite large animal gunned down. At this low budget, you can be sure of a sure deal.

The CenterPoint crossbow is reliable and accurate in taking shots that are within the 40-yard range. There is a confession by hunters that they gunned down a bull at a range of 50-yard. You can be sure that this is sheer power and accuracy combined with the machined cams and quad limbs.

Unless you are spending your time hunting the heaviest animal on earth, the elephant, the crossbow is an option that you can only resist at your peril.

You could be wondering if the axle to axle width is interestingly small therefore making it the narrowest cross-bow around is not a point against it but for.  This will bring an enormous difference due to its increased maneuverability. In fact, power is not compromised nor is the speed altered.

Noise suppression

The string suppressors have not disappointed. They have done an excellent in reducing vibration and minimizing the noise output. This ensures accuracy in getting the game caught unawares. If the vibrations are not as quiet as you could have wished, you can add more serious dampeners to make it quieter.

It will be even better of getting startled preys like the deer with its neck down grazing some beautiful grass. We discuss about best time to hunt deer in another article that you won't miss stalk deer.

However, most crossbows can give the game a clue to run and since the CenterPoint Crossbow CP 400 has been modified you can be sure of great results.

Quality of Optics

The 3 x 32 illuminated scopes are beautifully designed to offer a clearer vision. Mostly the scope comes with a crosshair and circle reticles that are in red and green. Its calibration is set for up to 40 yards.

Therefore sighting is pretty easier and holds zero completely. Several levels of brightness will help you to enjoy hunting at any time. After inspecting you will agree that its illumination is not clearer but can still make some difference even during dusty and vague weather.  The scope that is mounted on the CNC machined aluminum rails can be used for a shoot-through riser.

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The material that is used to construct the bow will serve you for the long haul. Just like many CenterPoint Snipers, it is made of aluminum which has few irregularities with high tolerance. This will enhance their life expectancy. 

What you need to do as a hunter is to wax it after every 15 shots. Moreover, ensure that it is clean and it will serve you over the five-year warranty. If by any chance, there are breakups before the warranty expires, the manufacture covers all its parts excluding the accessories and the strings.

User comfort

The package comes with all the needed accessories, unlike other brands. The complete package includes the illuminated scope, a shoulder string, a four arrow quiver, carbon bolts, and the cocking rope. Other brands have these features sold separately with the riskiness of buying counterfeit items in the market.

A manual is provided though the explanation offered is limited. To the newbie, you will find it a challenge but for persons who have had experience will assemble it without any assistance. Newbies are encouraged to consult widely.

After complete the setup, it is comfortable to operate it. You are required to choose the most comfortable set up for you using the adjustable foregrip and Buttstock that is convenient.

A large amount of creep is for two reasons; prevent the premature release and prevent the hunter from making a quick shot. If you have used a smooth trigger crossbow, this new one will take you sometime before you get used to it. 

The bolt that comes with the package is not the best.  Think of a better choice if you do not want to limit yourself.  The bolts which have 375 grains will not offer the 'A' game performance. The manufacturer recommends about 400 grains and above.

Hunting is made a fun activity with the rope-cocking aid though the bow has a relatively high draw weight. You can be sure of no stacking when the string is not pulled back. The biggest challenge that comes with it is its weight at the heavy front.


All crossbows are dangerous if not handled with care. The designers had a sleepless night in ensuring that it does not cause harm to the users. It features a safety framework that could be deliberately avoided if trouble finds you. It will be you, the hunter, looking for trouble.

The anti-dry fire mechanism ensures that chances of firing by mistakes are minimized when it is not fully cocked. The procedure is that the anti-dry fire safety is turned off before there is an engagement. The safety release can be operated with any hand an invention that is not found on many models.

The foregrip, further, located just below the rail cautions the user that in the event they accidentally fire the fingers are protected. Another important safety precaution is the cocking device with the bow being balanced evenly which rules out accidental off shots.

Things to Consider before buying

There are some considerations to be thought of when buying crossbows like the CP400. They include:

The Budget: CP 400 is budget-friendly in comparison with the quality of the output and service to be offered. Its design will help you enjoy many years with the CP400 serving you well. However, it could be expensive for those who are looking for a low budget crossbow.

The purpose: It is adjustable to fit all the users’ needs.

The skill level: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hunter this crossbow will not disappoint you unless you choose to. Follow the instructions and you will be an enthusiast if CP400

What I like most:

  • The excellent scope ensures that hunting is not restricted to a specific time or period. One can comfortably hunt even during the night or during the foggy period.
  • Most parts of the crossbow are durable and can give one the service that they had hoped for even much better. By practicing from different spots hardly will the arrows break.
  • It is accurate when shooting by providing complete compactness.
  • It comes up with several accessories that could be costly if separately bought.
  • The warranty helps protect the user from incurring several losses when it breaks down.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The cocking device is not of good quality. It is made of cheap plastic and breaks down easily if not handled with extreme care.
  • The bolt that it came with is pathetic unless changed. Despite fitting it well many clients have complained that is coming out while shooting.


When making purchases go for something that has quality. Despite the crossbow being expensive you will not be having the headache of repairing or buying a new one.  The CenterPoint Archery CP 400 FPS Crossbow sits pretty at the top of the list of the preferred ones.

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