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Best Grim Reaper Broadheads Reviews And Guide Of 2021

Getting to choose the right broadhead is a serious matter. Though the choice is an issue of your preferred broadhead, the performance also is a determining factor. In the market, there are many bowheads but finding one that is cost-friendly while offering you the best service is a rare dream. 

This article will be reviewing one of the best in the market for your consideration which is called the Grim Reaper Razortip. The Grim Reaper Broadheads Reviews Razortip is one of the most popular blades in the market. The broadhead is mechanically designed to offer a low profile that can be relied on for speed and accuracy. In the field, it has been proved that the shots are better than during the practice sessions.


  • Has a one hundred solid grain weight.
  • It has a solid two-inch cutting diameter with its triple-blade setting.
  • Its perfect weight able to take down any kind of animal.
  • Has a quality surgical blade with perfect cutting ability.
  • Has a practice head packed when you purchase?
  • It is 0.035-inch thickness with premium 440 Stainless steel razor-sharp blades.
  • The razor-cut broadheads are considered the fastest open blades in the market.
  • It saves kinetic energy for maximum penetration.
  • Its design that is patented ensures that less energy is used when opening the blades.

Product details

  • Product dimension: 10 x .13 x 0.88 inches.
  • Item model number: 1903
  • Manufacturer: Sportsman Supply
  • ASIN: B000IERL1O.
  • Date first made available: September 2006

Grim Reaper Broadheads Reviews Detailed Specification


The blades are made of steel which is sharp to penetrate into the deep tissue. Such causes a lot of blood loss. The mechanical blades once deployed causes a deep 3D hole which will easily cause severe bleeding. 

The three-blade design instead of two is a determining factor that helps the hunter follow the blood trail. Its patented style ensures that there is no replica in the market which assures the hunter that they will get the right bowhead with the right quality.

The blades are thicker than other brands that will not bend easily upon having an impact on the game. Better arrow penetration means that more shots will go through for a better blood trail and broadheads play a vital role for better hunting. The blade of 1 3/8" razor tip ensures there is a fairly impressive wound channel. 

There is a likelihood of having false results in the field if you set up wrongly. The set up could be on the arrow, engineering, and on the design. The result could be that it will fail to open up upon impact on the game thereby resulting in low blood trail marks.

Grim Reaper Broadheads Reviews


For one to have a successful hunting mission the bowheads need to be as quiet as possible. Otherwise, they will alert the deer and it will run for its dear life. And here’s a good post If you’re interested in to know best time of day to hunt deer.

Grim Reaper Broadhead offers you exactly this. Once there is contact with the game, the heads will open immediately. Even if you do not get a full pass though, it could be easier for you to track the blood. However, without enough velocity and skill, they may not open well.

In terms of shooting, it can take both small and large game comfortably. All these are possible since not a lot of energy is needed to execute the kill. Some broadheads are suitable only at a given animal size which is not the case with Grim Reaper. Wondering of what experience should one have to effectively use it? As long as you have known how to operate it you are free to go for a shooting spree.


The sharpness of the blade ensures that no matter the velocity of the brow one can be comfortable with gunning a deer down. Broadheads that use rubber bands and rings rot really faster making the bowheads open in flight rather than on contact. The Grim Reaper figured this out from the beginning avoiding it. It can be used over and over and what you need to replace is the blade.

Replacing the blades is easy as one needs to unscrew the broadhead, unfasten the spring tension cup and slide off the ferrule the blades. Moreover, the cost of replacing the blades is cheap and can be easily purchased from the company’s website. After purchasing you can be sure that the blades will serve you for a long period.


Its aerodynamic design ensures that accuracy is achieved. With the engineering done on the product, the blades are in line with the main blades. Since there are no rubber bands used, it opens up immediately on impact something hunter real love to see. The design of the blade and its arrangement helps for easy penetration. The thin blades surface area is so thin and has limited dragging.

Since it produces minimal sound when releasing, you can be sure that it will not alert the game before it hits it. Therefore it will hit it on the spot and your work will be to follow the blood trail. Note also that it does not spare the bones by splitting them into pieces.


What you need to change as a hunter is the blades and you will hunt as many animals as possible. The tension spring system ensures that the blades are held in place. The broadhead in the quiver is silent and does not rattle when shooting. The delivery is superb when ordered from the store.

It takes the shortest time to get the bowheads. Moreover misses are rarely experienced hence establishing the point that mechanicals are efficient. The blades are fastened to ensure that they do not easily break. By having one point of attachment means that there is flexibility and enhance better durability.

After a number of shoots, fold it back up is a challenge. With a shoddy fold back, it will affect flight thereby forcing you to have a backup plan just in case. The Razorcut Broadheads and Swhacker Broadhead are the fastest in the market which is a plus to hitting your game in the blink of a second. Therefore this will be the solution to the curious game that has been dodging.

What I like most:

  • The mechanical broadhead with its blades once it has penetrated as it impacts, the snap out thereby creating devastation on the game.
  • Its design ensures that the vital organs are crushed which will increase blood. This will help trail it easily.
  • The Grim Reaper Razortip is made of very quality high grade 440 stainless still blades are of good quality in terms of durability. Them being shatterproof, they are useful when there is direct contact.
  • They are unique from the rest as the mini cutting blades are forged into the tip. These are two razors that are next to the penetrating point.
  • Its unsurpassed speed makes it daring for most hunters. This complements with accuracy that can be achieved by swift speed to kill the game before it makes a move.
  • Its specialized design that is patented makes it impossible to produce a counterfeit product that will offer substandard results.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Despite there being triple blades, there is an extra blade to maintain. This is quite different from the two blades that hunters are used to.
  • The mini tip blades that are a signature for the Grip reapers can be dangerous if the broadhead is carried with bare hands. One needs to wear gloves which too can be tiring or using a plier.
  • Servicing the stainless steel blades can be a challenge though them being of good quality.


Where are the Broadheads made?

They are made in the USA something that the hunters are really proud of.

I shot at a deer and found the broadhead in a closed position. Did it open?

Yes, it did if you had assembled it correctly. Sometimes the broadhead blades may remain in a closed position after being forced to fold back.

Can a different broadhead be used to shoot my crossbow?

Many of the heads of the standards can fit very well of crossbows shooting to roughly 320 fps.

Do the broadhead in exactness fly like practice points?

If the assembling is done well of the broadhead, you can be sure to hit and surpass the field point accuracy

Can the Grim Reaper Broadheads blades be replaceable?

Yes, all blades can be replaced. Are the broadheads reusable after shooting a game? Yes, they can be reused if they are in a good shape.

Can one shoot large animals with the Grim Reaper?

Yes, it is possible. The diameter really fits very well.


Hopefully, you are now enlightened as you make a decision on which broadhead to purchase. It may not be cheap but as a hunter, you need to look at the service you are going to get. Despite being other products, this product reviewed here has been proven to be the best. You can as well get the public views on the product before making a decision.

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