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How Do You Like Them Apples Good Will Hunting

How do you like them apples Good Will Hunting? The phrase how ‘do you like them apples’ can be traced to the First World War. It was when the Allies' anti-tank grenade was colloquially called a "toffee apple" as it had a bulb-like appearance on a stick.

This phrase was a gibe against the nemesis. This is an American phrase that may sound off to the non-Americans or non-English speakers. 

Once you understand the origin and its meaning then it becomes easy to use in your conversation. The expression is now used after an actual action where the listener could be displeased or after refuting an argument.

How do you like them apples Good Will Hunting?

When was the phrase first used?

However, the phrase has been dated back to a magazine that was published in 1986 signaling that it is an old idiom.

Overview of Good Will Hunting Movie

It is the story of the most brilliant mind in America who is not a student but a cleaner of the floors. Will is failing the lessons of life and he discovers that the only one who is holding him back is himself.

Fast forward, the phrase is spoken by will hunting which is played by Matt Damon, in Good Will Hunting. The movie was directed by Gus Van Sant in 1997. The genre of the movie is drama. The stars of the movie are Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Stellan Skarsgard, Minnie Driver.

Who was Will Hunting?

Will Hunting, a genius in mathematics who solved every tough mathematical problem that he confronted. He then turns to a psychiatrist, Dr. Sean Maguire to when faced with an emotional issue who helps him. When Will Hunting got the love interest's number in a bar by the name Ben Affleck, we started taunting the man who never got her number.

How to Stalk Deer

Dunkin Donuts-meets-Frozen Yogurt

At the window of a shop, Dunkin Donuts-meets-Frozen Yogurt, Will bangs the door. There was a person who was sited in neither drinking coffee nor taking yogurt and was asked if he likes apples. The man nods his head and says a big yes.

Will puts the number against the window and shouts, “Yes I got her number. How do you like them apples?” In the movie Good Will Hunting, Will uses the phrase to show someone that although he underestimated him, he still went ahead and beat him.

Will Hunt Gloats

In the film, Will Hunting is gloating and in a way, he tells the student that they underestimated him but he beat them at their goal, how do they feel about that. Therefore it shows that Will was capable of doing something that they thought he could not be able to do it.

The idiom- How do you like the apples good will hunting

The entertaining and humorous filled with lots of idioms and modern language is a timeless movie. The dialogue is between Will and his best friend who tells him that he is sited on a lottery ticket but is afraid of collecting his winnings. The fear comes as a result of the consequences and its implications.

Lessons from the movie

The moral lesson from this except is that each one of us has a bright future. We are all talented in different ways and it’s up to us to make a conscious decision regarding our future. So our future is determined by our decisions. Just like the idiom ‘how do you like them apples’ shows that we can offer and also get surprises.

Application of the phrase and the movie

In an instance where your friend and you are having a small chat while taking coffee. Another person who is your mutual acquaintance that you do not like passes by and stops at your desk to talk to you.

As you and your friend brace up to this outsider since you know he will speak something negative, politely delivers some good news. As the person goes away you ask your friend, "How about them apples?" This statement shows that you are not only surprised but asking your friend if he is also surprised.

Usage of the idiom

The term can fit in when there are cases of surprises. The person you are telling the phrase expected a different outcome or nothing to happen. However, depending on how you say it may sound like a genuine surprise or a gloat and smug.

In casual conversations you may need to be careful when using the phrase since depending on the tone usage it could have two different meanings. There could be miscommunication and it could leave an egg on your face by offending them.

Sample reviews 

  • This is such a moving movie which was written by Ben and matt with strong and solid writing.
  • This is a timeless classic that focuses on the high education that is provided in the society.
  • The movie is full of lessons that can help one avoid in relationships, love, and opportunities.
  • Coming of age Good Will Hunting is phenomenal even decades later.
  • Towards the last 20 minutes, the movie is hurried done which does not give a clear picture of its ending.


The idiom became more popular used in discussion after the debut of the movie Good Will Hunting and not it’s a household name. Despite there is conflicting information about the origin of the phrase, its meaning cannot be rewritten. Much to note is that the tone used will create a difference with it becoming a household name. 

However, we can learn dipper lessons from the movie in terms of the phrase that no one is limited. Now the question to the reader of this article on a light note is how do you like them apples good will hunting?

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