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How To Make Deer Sticks [Step By Step Guide]

Deer sticks commonly referred to as venison snack sticks are a sausage snack from the meat of the deer. Meat-based snack sticks available at the store can be pricey and making your snack will cost you less money.

This article will help you avoid such extra costs by illustrating how to make deer sticks both for home consumption and even for sale.

Deer Stick Maker Equipment

  • Meat grinder
  • Medium and fine sieve plates
  • Tubs
  • Store and mix the meat
  • Stick filler attached to the grinder.
  • Freezer
  • Oven or Smoker

Ingredients to make Deer Stick

  • Deer meat
  • Pork or beef fat
  • Seasoning
  • Flavor

The preparation process for making How To Make Deer Sticks

how to make deer sticks

Inspecting the meat grinder

A grinder is a crucial machine for success on how to make the deer sticks. Ensure that all the parts are functioning well and if there are repairs to be done, that be prompt. And here’s a good post If you’re interested in knowing where to buy a good quality meat grinder.

Gathering the deer game

Collect about 10 pounds of the deer's meat. Remove all the fats and the silver skin from the meat. The fat makes the meat taste differently while the skin can easily gum up the grinder.

Ensure the game meat is fresh from either the field of the fridge. Stale meat will lead to food poisoning.

Grind the deer stick

Using the medium plate grind the meat into the fine form. You may need a helper to help you feed the grinder.

Add Fats And Sausage-Like Products

You can use any sausage product to add the meat that has been ground. Beef or pork meat is normally used and it adds up to about 10-20 percent of the meat’s weight.

Add Flavors

Different flavors can be used to enhance the taste of the final product and they can be found at your favorite store.

Seasoning The Game

Find the seasons that have been pre-mixed with the right proportions. Mixing the seasons with the meat must be thorough to that the taste is dissolved evenly.

Refrigeration And Preservation.

The mixture can be put in a fridge for between 12-16 hours. This helps the flavor to penetrate the meat fully and evenly. The mixture is placed on the fine sieve plate.

Pre-Stuffing Conditions

After the meat has been removed from the refrigerator, allow it to rest for 45 minutes before it is stuffed. It allows the mixture to be at room temperature.

How to Convert The Meat Mixture Into The Deer Stick

mixture deer Stick

This is the most complicated step on how to make deer sticks.

Installing The Snack Stick Stiffer Assembly

Remove the cutting blade and grinding plates from the grinder replacing them with the stuffing plate. This process allows one to start stuffing.

Oiling The Tube

Oiling helps the mixture to flow easily filling up all the spaces when stuffing.

Using The Jerky Gun

In the option that the staffer is not available, using a jerky gun is crucial and can serve just the same purposes.

Stuffing The Meat

Stuffing should be attached to a 21 mm standard casting. This can be done easily using either a jerky gun or a staffer.

Casing The Mixture

This process involves filling the mixture to fill all the spaces. In the event that the casting bursts up, squeeze out the meat and fill afresh.

Wrapping The Sausage

The sausage-stuffed can be turned into a large bowl in a safe place that will not easily make it burst up.

Placing The Sausage Into The Refrigerator

After the casting is over, it is tied and the meat is then placed in the refrigerator for a night. The sausage is covered with a plastic wrap and placed in a large bag to keep it away from drying.

Conditions on Removing From The Refrigerator

The next day on removing the sausage from the refrigerator, ensure that it is kept under room temperature for one hour.

How To Cook The Meat Mixture Into a Delicious Deer Stick

Cleaning The Oven or Smoker

delicious deer sticks

Cleaning the heating apparatus is critical to avoid any food poisoning. Cleaning should be done before the heat is turned on.

Heating Temperature

While heating ensures that the oven or smoker temperature is kept at 200 F Degrees for two hours. Alternatively, wait till the core temperature is at 165 degrees for smokers.

Preheating The Oven

For optimum results start heating on the oven and smoker at 150 degrees to get the natural smoke flavor before transferring to preheat at 170 degrees. This is mainly used by professionals.

Avoid Over Smoking

Over smoking will easily lead the sausage to become bitter. However, smokers can vary and this needs to be considered.

Point to note: Which way? The Smoker or oven? Both ways will still give you the best result but the challenge is the availability and some people love the flavor which comes with the smoker.

How to make Deer Smokies (sticks) & smoke them on a pellet grill, by The Bearded Butchers!

Removing From Smoker or Oven

After the stickers have been cooked, remove them gently and allow then to cool at the room temperature. This may take 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Packaging of The Deer Stick

You are required to cut the sticks into pieces that you can easily store on your plate. The packaging needs to be in a vacuum environment.

Storage of The Deer Stick

If you are having a small family then you will hardly finish eating all of them. The rest can be put in a freezer for future consumption. If you could like to sale still the same process applies.

This is all about how to make deer sticks.


The deer -meat sticks are a solution to the healthy alternative to the junks and fatty foods that people are consuming. The process on how to make a deer sticks may look longer but after three trials you will realize that it is fun to make them.

Joining the gaming social circles will enable you to try out new flavors of the deer's stick which will make you love the game more. You can always share your experience.

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