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How To Stalk Deer [You Need To Follow]

The love for the game’s meat also referred to as the deer’s meet is not a secret anymore yet may people do not know how to stalk deer. Deer stalking refers to the process of pursuing or hunting the deer to kill them for meat.

No wonder the word meat is interchangeably used to refer to the deer. Stalking a deer, either using a rifle or a bow can be fun and filled with a lot of adrenaline. This article will help you understand how to stalk a deer.

Deer Stalking Tips For Beginners | How to Still-Hunt for Whitetail Deer

Wearing Camouflaging Clothes

It refers to choosing the right attire that can blend easily with the area you will be stalking. The clothes must not be easily visible to the dear like a lot of white and blue colors. Deer are color blind to red-green color and so orange clothing is recommended.

Avoid using Scented Shampoos and Detergents

Limit or if possible avoid using soaps, shampoos, or any deodorants on your body. The same applies to wash your clothes using these scented soaps. Deer can smell on a distance radius of 500 meters making it possible to spot a hunter. They will run away if they smell a scent.

Limited Packing

Packing for deer stalking has the similarities as a solder going for war. Choosing a lightweight packing of water and ammunition is essential for ease when moving around hunting.

The light pack helps one to move swiftly and reduce sweating which may alert the deer by the smell. We discuss about 30L backpack in our another article to carrying necessary accessories easily.

Carry a Hat

A hat is essential to keep the sun out of the eyes. Stalking can take time and be under difficult circumstances. On a sunny or drizzling day, the cap will keep the glare out of your eyes boosting your chance of a successful hunt.

Use of Quality Boots

The boots must have a thick sole to prevent thorns from hurting your foot. They should be light to help you run after the deer. And here’s a good post If you’re interested in learning more about how to track the impact of micro conversions.

Use of Binocular

Besides your, hunting tool, remember to carry binoculars, a very important tool. A lightweight binocular on your neck will help you see your stalk even though at a distance.

How to Stalk Deer

Hunt on Legalized Region

Ensure that that you identify areas that are legally accepted grounds by the government. Hunting on areas with many people may result in some people being shot by straying bullet.

Hunting on the Deer’s Reside Areas

Where can you get a large number of deer? Deer can be spotted in fields, woods, and swampy areas. The deer are likely to be found in a thick brush near to its food sources. Their favorite food includes wild grasses, dandelions, green brier, and acorns. If they are in a group you will likely not miss any.

Top Hunting Tips for Hunter How To Stalk Deer

area for deer

Trap the Deer with food

During the summer areas when it’s dry, you can place food to attract them. The best time to stalk is either in the morning or evening. Deer are active just as the sun rises and at sunset, hence easy spotting. Once they come to eat, shoot at them. If you know the best time to hunt deer in a day, as we’ve done on our another page.

Use of a High Vintage area

Getting on top of a hill or tree can help you to sight a deer easily. The tracks appear like two small and parallel hooves in the mud.

Understanding their Trails

Other ways you can use to sight a deer are trails or water sources. As you look for this your steps need to be balanced, short, and heel to toe to help you move silently.

Stalking against the Wind

Ensure than when stalking, move into the direction where the wind is blowing over your face. In the opposite direction, the wind will carry your scent away alerting the deer to run away.

Avoid Commotion

As you move, keep your head and hands steady so that deer nearby you are not scared to run away making it hard for you to hunt.

Be Attentive

Once you hear some movements or spot a deer, stop moving standstill and using your eyes scan around to see it. Avoid shooting quickly as you could easily lose your opportunity.

How to Stalk Deer

Understanding the Deer’s Behavior

Deer are very curious. If by any chance by spot, it runs away to be still. Many times they will come back to investigate and you will get another opportunity.

Moving Closer to the Target

Before shooting it, ensure the deer is within a range of 28-59 yards so to get a clear and accurate shot if they are in a thicket. In an open field, a 40-70 yard distance can be used.

It needs a lot of patience for this. Just before you shoot, take in mind that the deer may move just from the time you shoot to the time of contact. So make adjustments for this.

Accurate Targeting

If you miss the dear it will run away. Take your shot as soon as the signs are clear. Aim at the deer’s chest for a better chance of landing a kill. You can use spotting scope or shooting sticks to adjust your aim properly.

Pursue the Injured Deer

If the deer is hit but runs away, go after it until it collapses. You will need to confirm if it is not breathing just before you reach it or carry it. A wounded deer such as a strong buck can seriously injure you once to get closer to it.

Targeting the Weak Link

Shoot the young deer first and take the unhealthy deer first. Avoid shooting their leader unless he looks too old and unhealthy.


Deer stalking is a skill that is learned on a single day. Many times you will fail to get a game but with patience and persistence, the skill is improved.

However, it recent days there has been a lot of deforestation for farming which has reduce the deer numbers drastically. Moreover, in recent times, deer stalking seems to lose its art, as hunters prefer to be at their seats as they wait for the game. 

The article has explained the steps on how to stalk deer in any part of the world. Whatever strategy you are using to stalk, remember always your safety comes above everything else. Your needs and ambitions are second. Happy hunting!

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