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Best Muzzy Broadheads Reviews And Guide Of 2021

There is a horde of broadheads that are in the market. They come with different qualities and with varied prices. Muzzy Bowhunting's broadhead is quite different from the rest and only experienced bowhunters can understand this. This article is going to review everything about the Muzzy Broadheads Reviews.

The broadheads are not unique but also outstanding and durable. These features save you the energy and time needed. At the end of this article, we do not expect you to buy muzzy broadhead but make an informed decision on the same. If you like it, you can as well crown it with a buy.


  • It has a hardened steel Trocar tip.
  • It is designed with a 0.020-inch stainless steel blade.
  • Has an extremely fine surgical cutting edge that never fails.
  • The cutting diameter is 1 3/16.
  • It has an anodized aluminum ferrule.
  • Its razor-sharp stainless steel blades are interlocked with the body of Muzzy Broadheads.
  • An additional copy of steel reinforces support on the aircraft's aluminum bodies.
  • It is available in three different grains, 75, 100, and 125 grain.
  • Its hollow-ground design gives it a superb penetrating ability.
  • Made in the USA and it is the leading brand for fixed-blade broadheads.

Product details

  • Is discontinued by the manufacturer: No
  • Product dimensions: 8.75 X 5.25 X 0.5 inches.
  • Weight: 0.48.
  • Department: Unisex-adult.
  • Batteries: One lithium-ion battery required.
  • Date first available: June 2006.
  • Manufacturer: Feradyne Outdoors Llc.
  • ASIN: B000HX2G0C. Bestsellers rank #2695 and #5 in Archery broadheads.

Muzzy Broadheads Reviews Description & Features

The article will feature a key review and descriptions that are important for your decision making.

Unique design

The construction materials reveal the strongest zeal of the company to offer the best broadhead in the market. They will surely serve you for the longest time. The blades are made of stainless steel, super quality materials. The blades will not be easily polluted from pollutants and rust giving you the stability which you require.

The blades too are safe from heat, corrosion, and fire resistance therefore able to bear excessive pressure with limited damage on it. The tip is made of the same steel to offer you service without easily breaking down.

The rest of the body is made of aluminum which makes it light and strong as well. The aluminum enables you to carry the broadhead for a long distance without getting exhausted. Besides, the aluminum is rust free so you will not be replacing it anytime soon. Though it is light, it is very strong. This rage broadheads review post has some additional features for hunting animals.


Despite it being three blades one may think that it is heavy. This is not the case. The aluminum used on it is light something that the hunter will love to be associated with. They can move long distances with it without losing it or be at a static position ready to shoot for several minutes. It is packaging too ensures the broadhead cannot be easily broken down and that it can be carried easily on the back or using the hand.

 Muzzy Bowhunting 3 Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead 100 or 125 Grain - 6 Pack


The flight durability and general durability rate the broadhead highly. The steel made tip ensures that there is increased stability and sustained of the flight. This means that it can fly for longer distances in comparison with its peers. Therefore you can aim at a longer distance and still kill your game. A good quality crossbow will help you to hunt animals from long distance.

The hardened steel ensures that the tip penetrates through the meat maximally. The maximum penetration range will help the hunter follow the blood trail easily.

Multiple sizes

Most broadheads come with a single or double size which is unlike of Muzzy broadhead that comes in three different sizes for the hunter to choose. The sizes available are 75, 100, and 125 grain. The different sizes are crucial when one needs to use them for different usage. One of the unique broadheads that every manufactured which can fit every member of a family that is enthusiastic about hunting.

Flexibility and Effectiveness

The broadhead can be used in almost all the conditions by the hunters. On the question of whether it can be used to hunt both the small and big games, the answer is Yes. It has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt that all sets of animals can be hunted down. Furthermore, either of the sizes can be used effectively.

The accessories used can be easily accessed for replacing such as the blades at an affordable cost. One needs to make an order and the delivery will be made as soon as possible.

On the question of who is the preferred set, any gender can go hunting and comfortably come back home with a game. Besides, any person with any much or experience can use it. They need to have a few practices and they good to go.

The attractive color

Who could not fall in love with the military color? The broadhead is a combination of olive and black color. You can be sure that that this is an attractive color combination. The olive color too can act as camouflage while deep in the field. You can match its colors with your field attire and you will be looking sparkling beautiful.

Sharper blades

What you are going to learn will just shock you. This amazing broadhead has blades of 0.020-inch thickness. Mostly the average size of the blades is between 0.035 to 0.030 inches. You can be sure of a one-touch kill of your game.

The blades are razor sharp which will give the required quality of sharpness. Through the blades being thin does not mean that they will break easily. The steel is strong enough to fight off any pressure to break down.

The other interesting feature is that it has three blades against the two blades which are on the many blades. The one extra will give you extra service for a longer period.

Perfectly fit thread

The thread is in a perfect position to help attach the bow. The string is neither tight nor loose is fir for new hunters as they can fix and unfix the bow without a lot of effort. Though over some time, it may get worn out, getting a replacement is easily available in the market, and fixing it does not need a lot of skills.

What I like most:

  • It has a deeper penetration rate that stands out as a result of its triangle shape and its thin shape is a sure bet.
  • Its availability in three different sizes gives the hunters option to choose the one that they prefer which is unlike other bowheads.
  • The blades are made of steel which is a sign of durability and they can easily interlock each other.
  • Replacing the blades and other accessories are easily available at a subsidized price.
  • It flies fast and for a long distance. So you can be sure of hitting your target before it makes a move.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • There is a grave difference between field practice and the actual shooting. This will create grave misses when shooting.
  • The muzzy logo is missing which can easily create confusion and doubts when one purchases from the store, unlike other muzzy bowheads.

Public opinion

Most hunters who are enthusiastic about the muzzy broadheads will gladly talk about its price and reliability. Though not being mechanical blades, the fixed blades can easily penetrate and have the same power of crushing even the bones. Therefore, those who do not like using a mechanical tip will quickly love this once they come across them.

Its extra-sharp edge contributes to the easier pass-through that hunters are aiming for. Lastly, hunters seem to love their flexibility and easiness in replacing the blades and tips. This makes a huge difference.

There are some negative comments in the public about the accuracy of the bowhead. With a little fine-tuning the accuracy will be sort. Though, most hunters do not like fine-tuning. Avoid messing up the field points if you are shooting between 30-40 yards.

So, ensure you have shot at those distances then move the pins appropriately. The assembling is a challenge to some users who are not used to it. Its poor packaging works against them as it is viewed as of low quality. But its work output in the field is quite different.


By now you have enough information about the muzzy bowhunting and you can now decide. Hunters must get the process right from the beginning. All bowheads muzzy bowhunting is fantastic and the difference is what job you want it to fix.

You can search for reviews of other brands and compare with the one reviewed above. What you can be sure of is that the muzzy broadhead has been tried and tested and found most hunters are satisfied with it. It is true as well that some will have a few manageable weaknesses but it all depends on skill. Go now and make an order for your muzzy bowhunting broadhead.

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