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Best PSE Fang Crossbow Review And Guide Of 2021

Every hunter's dream is to have a crossbow that will be effective in killing prey and serve its owner for ages to come. Are you looking for a crossbow that is budget low but offers superb performance? Then you are on the right page since we shall review a crossbow that fits your needs very well.

This article about PSE Fang Crossbow Review HD Crossbow with a perspective on your game hunting. It will analyze the process of assembling the crossbow which does not require any effort.

Quite several hunters are aware of some features of this crossbow. Interestingly many of them are not aware of what PSE Fang Crossbow offers. All this will be explained to you.

PSE Fang Crossbow Review- What the Crossbow Package includes: 

  • HDV 425 1.5-5x 32 Variables Zoom Illuminated Reticle Scope.
  • 5-bolt Quiver.
  • Anti-dry Fire & Auto Safety trigger.
  • Three- 22" Carbon Bolts with Bullet points.
  • Adjustable Buttstock.
  • Foot Stirrup.
  • Limb Dampers & String silencers.
  • Dual strings stop.
  • Rail Lube.
  • Cocking rope.

Bow specifications

  • It has a speed of up to 205FPS.
  • The power stroke is 14.5".
  • The Axle-to-axle is 18".
  • Its draw weight is 205 LBS.
  • The overall length is 35.5".
  • Mass weight totals to 7.3 LBS.
  • The cable length is 19.7" and its string is 37.2

Product Details

  • Product dimensions: 32.5 x 5.75 X 11 inches.
  • Date First Available: July 31, 2019.
  • Manufacturer: PSE

Assembling The Crossbow

The crossbow comes with a manual that helps you to fit in the parts without much stress. For experienced hunters trying it for the first time, it may look different from the rest you have used. For instance, you will realize the trigger and pistol grip are placed forward. In this arrangement, the weight will concentrate on the shoulders.

The crossbow comes with a rope cooker that will help reduce the drawback weight as you cock the bow. The rope can be used for all age groups and one needs to ensure the safety is in the fire positions as they cock.

Build and power

It has a strong and robust build with massive power at a better price range. 330 feet per second shot that provides 97 FP of Kinetic energy is by far very impressive. With this power, you can be sure that you will gun down large animals. Games like elk, whitetail, and black bear are gunned down easily.

If you want to game a large animal, you will need to make some adjustments to the decreased velocity. Also, it will require you to move to closer proximity to your game to make that killer shot.

Noise Subdual

If you are looking for a silent assassin then this crossbow is not the right one. However, in comparison with other brands, it is the quietest of all. It is because of its integrated strings. Most crossbows that have string stops are expensive making the PSE Fang a better option for the hunters who are budget conscious.


It is a significant model for gamers as it is moderate, slim, and light. This is important as it helps hunters to easily aim at the shots. Aiming at over 30 yards distance is easier thanks to its 4 x -32 mm scope. 

Moreover, hunting with the fang helps one to quickly adjust the foregrip making hunting easy. Another advantage of the foregrip is that it makes the crossbow to be stable and comfortable when shooting. The grip can be adjusted to better customization.

Quality of optics

The 4 x 32 MR scope is not the best around and it can be upgraded anytime. It is recommended that you upgrade it before beginning your hunting experiment. For a beginner, you can stick to the scope until you get used to hunting and understand how to choose the best scope. And here’s a good post about spotting scope If that can be very useful for beginner to hunt.

You can upgrade the scope as well with measuring lines that will increase the accuracy. The thin crosshairs are not what hunters may dream of having as they are not effective when hunting in poor light conditions.

Design and Comfort

The crossbow has a solid and sturdy design whereby one can maneuver easily. Its design makes it the fastest crossbow that can be managed easily and used in the field. With the ability to shoot at 330 feet per second, allows one to get to the prey easily before they run away.

The forward grip design acts like a thumb guard and finger of the rail. This enables one to shoot accurately. Therefore one can hunt from a tree stand or during blind hunting. The stable firing fulfills its job by ensuring that you keep it in a position to fire for an extended period.


Every time the hunter cocks the crossbow, the automatic anti-dry fire is engaged. The crossbow comes with better safety features whereby it automatically switches to a safe position one the strings go past the safety area. As well the forward grip design helps the fingers from being trapped at the dangerous moving parts.


The crossbow can serve you for over 5 years without fail in terms of accuracy and precision. The price to service ratio makes it a darling for many hunters in terms of its comfortability when shooting and better construction as well.

Its machined rails are very expensive but durable thereby allowing consistent accuracy when shooting. PSE focused mainly on the bow rather than its accessories. For instance, you need to replace the bolts before the hunting season begins.


In comparison with other bows, the pistol and grip are placed in front thereby concentrating the weight on the shoulders. This enables the hunter not to be fatigued. The check rest integrated helps to increase stability and have a comfortable shooting position. The grip is flexible to help an individual have a shooting customized well.

To ensure the safety of the fingers, the forward grip design helps prevent the fingers from reaching the dangerous parts. When the string passes the safety position it immediately switches to the safety position by activating the anti-fire feature.

What I like most:

  • The best crossbow for the money spent on the purchase. It is value for money in comparison with other brands.
  • It is compact and easy to handle thereby helping the hunters not to get fatigued easily.
  • It considers the safety of the hunter first with the provision of the anti-dry fire and auto-safety trigger precautions.
  • The bow is perfect for all ages and either gender therefore a package that fills into the family needs.
  • Comes with a ready to shoot package which can help save the hustle the newbies go through when trying to come up with a finished product.
  • It comes up with lots of power and consistent accuracy over for several years to the future which can game down small and big animals as well.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The bolts and scopes are not the best for hunting as they need to be replaced. The bolts can only be used practice and scopes during the day.
  • Once it breaks down it becomes almost impossible to repair with professionals writing it off.
  • The whole crossbow is heavy making it difficult and tiring when traveling for a long distance.


How fast does the fang shoot?

The shoot speeds around 340-355 feet per second. It depends on many factors. The skills of the hunters and the health of the bow will likely determine the speed.

Who can use the PSE Fang LT Crossbow? 

It is made for hunting by either a newbie or experienced hunters. However, newbies prefer it. It can hunt both small and big games comfortably.

Is it a must that I should change the bolt and the scope?

It is not a must but it is recommended if you want to have an efficient hunting season. The bolts are normally good when practicing and the scope will disappoint you if you hunt where there is no enough light.

For how long should I leave the crossbow cocked?

All the manufacturers agree that the crossbow should not remain cocked for more than 24 hours. An extended cocking will have adverse effects on the crossbow more so on the limbs.

Is the PSE Fang Crossbow the quietest?

Rarely are crossbars quiet and it is not the loudest. The noise is produced while shooting and reduces the vibration when hitting the target.


It is a great crossbow that can be trusted for its stability, accuracy, and excellent performance. Beginners will find it fun to work around with as it ensures that they are safe. However, there have been concerns about the latest crossbows in the market with several incidents being reported of breaking down.

Above all the determining features of the bows are their design, safety of the hunters, and ability to hit the target with minimal misses. With the string, it makes the crossbow a darling for any hunters. Get yourself one and you will not be disappointed.

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