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Best Rage Broadheads Reviews And Guide Of 2021

If you have gone for group hunting, you may have noticed hunters carrying gear by Rage. The brand has been in the market for some time now and it has produced diverse products that have caught the attention of the hunting community. The broadheads also are known as sharp arrowheads are used for hunting animals mainly large and for the military.

Rage is known for its leading role in manufacturing crossbows and compound bows. Recently their popularity has shot up helping them to garner a good report on their outstanding Broadheads. For this article, our focus will be on hunting purposes. 

In a nutshell, this article will review the Rage Hypodermic Rage Broadheads Reviews from its features to the product description and then its pros and cons too.

The features Of Rage Broadheads Reviews

  1. It comes with a stainless steel Hypodermic ferrule.
  2. Its cutting diameter is 2 inches wide.
  3. It is one of the durable ferrules to be ever produced.
  4. It comes in either 100 or 125- grain weights.
  5. It has a surgical-grade cutting edge.
  6. It comes with the required flexibility.
  7. The damage inflicted is greater leaving heavy damage.
  8. The blade thickness is 0.035 inches.
  9. It comes with a high energy series shock collar.
  10. It can withstand breakneck speeds.
  11. It includes a free practice head.
  12. It is available for use with the standard inserts.
  13. It comes with the standard and deep-sixes models.

Product details

  • Color: Multi.
  • Manufacturer: Rage.
  • ASIN: B07ZHPK7X5.
  • Bestsellers rank: #3,363 in sports and outdoor and #4 in archery broadheads.


Its design is one of a kind in the market. The rage hypodermic bowheads can be used with a variety of crossbows and regular bows. The availability of this can be found in 10o-grain and 125-grain models. These will influence the weight and speed of the arrowheads. The improved shock collar technology ensures that there is proper blade retention.

The aerodynamic steel ferrule is strong and rust-free. So you can be sure that they will serve you for the longest time without changing their shape of color. The 0.035 stainless steel is sharp and its slim design ensures that there is penetration even to the innermost organ.

The 2 inches diameter will leave a huge wound on the animal being pursued. The little grommet is not fixed well and sometimes it slips down and not holds in a tight position something that hunters think it’s a design flaw.


Like any arrowheads, the rage cannot be reused as often without rehappening the blades. A stone or a special sharpener can be used to ensure blade retention.  You can as well replace the blades with new ones.

The blades however stated as strong, most times they break after misses and some after hitting the game. The head flatters after hitting a bone. The blades on impact bend thus ensuring that the head remains intact. Therefore when hitting a big game the chances of the blades breaking off are high.


The Rage hypodermic comes with an advanced technology that will help the hunter achieve much accuracy and precision. Many hunters have made a comparison between the Rage arrowheads and the field point. It is because both of them provide accuracy that is close to exact and precise.  

Moreover, both of them not only take a similar turning process in a very short time. The damage caused can help track through the blood trail easy to find the game. The design of the Rage Hypodermic head and the swept-back design blade is a great combination to achieving the required level of accuracy. On testing, the practice head flows exactly like the real broadhead.


Rage produces one of their kind bows. The manufacturer did not restrict to a special kind of unity. The brand manufactures arrowheads that are compatible with both crossbows and regular bows. It does not come with a practice head, therefore you need to make adjustments when ordering separately.


The design is deadly as it adds penetration power and conserves kinetic energy thereby allowing the hunter to target a bigger gamer or to set lower poundage bows. The aerodynamic and compact design ensures that there is enough penetration far much better than any other range broadhead.

Rage has been considered by many professionals as the most accurate broadhead around the world. Its wound channels range from1.5" to a 2". Hypodermic tip blades are small in size with better penetration. They are slim and hunters can sharpen and tune them with much ease.


The brand can be reliable as it delivers exactly what it has placed in the advertisement. Furthermore, the brand has won several awards and accolades with ease. The company has evolved the market by introducing lethal technologies.  The bowhead has received five-star ratings which show that many people have confidence in it.

The rage uses a patented ferrule alignment technology that ensures there is the alignment of the broadhead with the circumference of the bolt. This ensures there is minimal wind dragging allowing for a direct flight. There are some concerns about the infiltration of rage hypodermic which are counterfeit which is substandard.

Best Rage Broadheads Reviews


The hypodermic wound channels are shocking. With the 2" diameter these are great as they leave enough blood trails. However depending on the area, it gets to, it may spoil a lot of meat. Furthermore, besides easy tracking, it allows the animal to bleed faster thereby creating a quick and decent harvest.

However, you need to have good strong momentum for the system to function well in the game. The effectiveness of the head will require some force for it to open optimally. There are some circumstances that shooting using the hypodermic head to shoot is high discouraged like shooting under 60ibs with a sub 26" draw length.

Another issue to note is that the blades will prematurely open if the collar is spoilt before you shoot. Further, they will open if the head gets some resistance from an object or branch before reaching the target. Therefore it is not right to use it in bushy areas.

How to install the rage broadheads

Installing is not different from regular broadheads. The difference is just the size and weight of the blade. This review will discuss the simplest of the many methods.

The first step requires the hunter to understand the arrow by looking at the shape and the guidelines correctly. They are designed in a thin and long projectile object that is taken from the string of the bow. On the non-fletched side, you are required to insert the broadhead. Follow this article to know the details of how to fletch arrow.

Thirdly, ensure that you are very careful as you install because the blades are very sharp. Check and countercheck if the tools that come as a package are available. This should be done before the installation process begins.

On installing the wretch should fit around the blades as the ferrule turns clockwise on the arrows threaded bolts. With this, the sharper objects will be tightened fast.

Using your body or the fingers put the arrowhead on the arrow. Some relative strength is required as out the arrowhead. On tightening the heads, some strength is needed as you insert it using the feet. The pressure being applied will put the head over the threads inside the arrow. 

Note that you need to apply a twisting motion to reduce the likelihood of injuries to be caused. When closing the broadheads ensure you keep your body and fingers protected to avoid causing accidents.

What I like most:

  • Its cost among the peers to the work output is quite fair. Its peers have issues with quality and accuracy levels.
  • The durable stainless steel ferrule cannot be overlooked. Many competitors come with aluminum which is lighter but breaks off or bends easily. The stainless steel can withstand the impact of hitting on hard rock.
  • The patented technology of ferrule alignment aligns the broadhead to the nearest circumference of the crossbow bolt. This will reduce the wind drag allowing s direct flight.
  • The two-inch full wide span ensures that there is a great penetration. Many bolts travel with a lot of energy which wanes off as they enter the animal due to the short and compact design.
  • The patented high energy shock collar is a great asset. Before, it was difficult for mechanical broadheads to be used by crossbow hunters.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Some blades do not open easily while some open with limited contact before hitting the game. This can be a disappointing venture for hunters.
  • Maintenance of the broadheads is quite costly. Since the blades easily bend or break off replacing then may eat into your costs.


The positives from the Rage Hypodermic Crossbow are overwhelming. If you need the best result, then you need this. The manufacturers took their time making this broadhead meant for crossbows. By the virtue of them being leaders in revolutionizing mechanical broadheads, you can trust them.

They are indeed worthy of your cents and they will serve you for a longer period. If you are planning to go hunting soon or next season, remember the Rage Hypodermic Broadheads.

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